Welcome to all!

Fr. Alex Ekka is the Pastor of St Ann of Warsaw, Mo., St. Peter and Paul of Cole Camp, Mo. and St. Bernadette of Hermatige, Mo. Catholic Churches.  

All Parishioners,

The Mass schedule until further notice will be on Saturdays at St. Bernadette at 4:00 PM, on Sundays at St. Ann on at 8:30 AM and at Cole Camp 11:00 AM. 

All are required to observe the very strict guidelines as below which are based on the guidelines given by the civil authorities: -

– Obligation of attending Sunday mass has been lifted till June 30, 2020. 

– Those over 65 with underlying health issues are advised to avoid risk of attending public celebration of the Mass. 

- Those who have been exposed to another with virus within 14 days are not permitted. Before coming to church all are requested to check temperature at home.

– All are obliged to wear mask or other face covering and gloves upon entering the church and continue wearing them except when seated and while consuming the Holy Communion.

– All should strictly maintain the social distance of minimum 6-foot while sitting in the pews. A family can sit together but maintain the distance of 6-foot with other family or individuals. 

– Rules of social distancing are to be strictly observed while entering and going out of the church as well as while receiving Holy Communion.

– Ushers will not go around for offertory collection. Faithful are requested to drop their contributions in baskets while entering the church.

Fr. Alex Ekka

The Rosary is prayed 30 minutes ahead of each weekend mass.


Fr. Alex Ekka, Pastor

Phone 660-438-5870 (Residence)

Email: stannpastor@yahoo.com

Office Phone: 660-438-3844

Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Tuesday - Friday


Secretary - Debra Blair 

Phone: 660-438-3844

Email: stannwarsaw1@gmail.com

Rose Ferguson - DRE


Cole Camp:

Mary Craig - Secretary

Kristi Craig - Bookkeeper

Phone: 660668-3842

Email: spapcolecampmo@gmail.com


Anita M. Mertz - Office Bookkeeper

Phone: 417-745-6361

Email:  StBernadetteChurch@hotmail.com

St. Ann Announcements

There are many new items at the Religious counter.  Stop by and help support your church!

The Mass Intentions calendar needs to be completed for 2020.  Please consider a $10 stipend for a loved one.

We pray for the health and recovery of all who are ill and not with us today.  We encourage those who are home to join the community by praying the Sunday Scriptures, using the readings located at www.diojeffcity.org and perhaps praying the Rosary or the Divine Chaplet. 

Below are YouTube video links of Father Alex and Bishop McKnight's trip to India!  

Preview YouTube video पावन पुरोहीत अभिषेक | कुनकुरी | Priestly Ordination | Kunkuri | 03-01-2020 | Part 1

Preview YouTube video रोज़री की महारानी महागिरजा घर|kunkuri church|Golden Jublie|30 December 2019 Dance.#13.


Cole Camp Announcements

Best Choice Labels: Please save your Best Choice Labels and bring them to the Church.. There is a container in the Church hall.

St. Peter and Paul Church Repairs:

Below is a list of the repairs that need to be done around the church.  If you have any expertise in any of these areas or know someone that does, please give Carol Baalman a call at 660-287-1588.  Some of these could be done by church members.  Others will need bids.

Guttering on the garage

Door outside furnace room needs new wood trim and door lock

Small back door in the church hall need new door and threshold

Heat system pipes need insulation or tape

Windows - all should be caulked with the wood siding replaced and insulated

Roof - some loose shingles and vent pipe has a crack and needs new flashing

Questions: call Shirley Smith: 660-547-3710

St. Bernadette Announcements

 St Bernadette has a new website, please take a look at https://stbernadette.diojeffcity.org 

Bishop MCKnight's Message

Bishop McKnight's May Prayer for our Local Church is:

"As we honor the Mother of our Lord as the "Queen of May," may there be a greater respect and appreciation for all women on earth who nourish us in mind, body and soul."

Files coming soon.